Omnipork® is developed by OmniFoods, a food tech company launched by Green Monday. Our experienced canada-based R&D team had developed this food innovation by extensive research on Asian cuisines and culinary practices. OmniPork is an all-purpose solution of Green Monday, as a diversified and innovative social enterprise model, to promote shifting to plant-based diet as a crucial mean to tackle global warming and food insecurity.

Green Monday was established in 2012. By working with companies, restaurants, schools and various parties, we have effectively increase the awareness of plant-based life style. According to a survey result released by an international consultant in Dec 2018, the number of HK people practising flexitarian has reached 1.75M.

The existence and influence of Green Monday has gradually expanded, and it has been implemented in schools and government authorities of 30+ countries, including the United States, Singapore and Macau. 

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